Upamanyu Mukherjee in studio

Negotiating Oxytocin


16-year-old composer, lyricist, and singer Upamanyu Mukherjee's first album, Negotiating Oxytocin, debuted at No.1 on the iTunes India Top 100 albums chart on August 12. Released to digital music stores worldwide, the album, which has been co-produced by Mukherjee, is placed in the emerging Alternative Pop genre and comprises seven tracks that address a range of subject matter from poignant love to alienation to passion. 

The album captures the depths of emotions Upamanyu has dealt with. The originality of his thought comes through his production and design.” - Onkar Tarkase, Sound Engineer & Co-producer, Negotiating Oxytocin
It was a pleasure working with Upamanyu on his debut album. Remarkable songwriting for one so young.” - Donal Whelan, Founder & CEO, Hafod Mastering, Wales

Press photos

Upamanyu at the vocal tracks recording for new single, 'lonely'

Graphic still from music video of Upamanyu Mukherjee's single, 'lonely'

Upamanyu working with producer Onkar Tarkase on 'lonely'