An adaptive, Intuitive approach to songwriting

Indian teen musician explores new age alternative pop

Upamanyu Mukherjee is a 16-year-old songwriter, musician and singer from Pune, India. He classifies his music as alternative pop and his works are built around his unique songwriting approach and soulful vibrato vocals.

Upamanyu composes on piano and guitar, digging deep into his life experiences to pen lyrics that reflect thoughts and feelings that are deeply personal and yet enigmatically universal. His debut single, I Don’t Wanna Be Your Friend Anymore, was released in September 2022, while his follow-up single, lonely, is scheduled for worldwide release on 16 May. An accomplished doodle artist, Upamanyu uses the pen, piano, voice and guitar as inter-changeable modes of expression, an adaptive flexibility that has allowed him to craft an intuitive approach to composing and songwriting.

A firm believer in continuous learning, Upamanyu is an accomplished equestrian rider, ardent trekker and has authored a non-fiction book, Chasing Snowfalls, on his learnings from various travels and treks in the Himalayas. He is currently exploring theory of music through an online certification program with Berklee College of Music and working on his next release.